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Schools, Colleges & Universities

Equipment to save lives

An AED costs no more than your average computer, but an AED can help to save life!
Equipping schools, colleges, universities and other places of learning with an AED will help to improve the chance of survival outcomes in the event of a SCA [sudden cardiac arrest].

Schools Minister Lord Nash said:

‘There is nothing more important than keeping children safe at school. That is why this government is publishing updated guidance to schools on managing children with medical conditions. By securing defibrillators at a reduced price, schools will find it much easier to install these potentially life-saving devices. We hope schools right across the country will take advantage of this’.

AED’s helping us to save life

Defibrillators [AED’s] are designed to be easy to use and safe and should always meet the 
European Resuscitation Council [ERC] and UK Resuscitation guidelines which are required for use. Equipping schools, colleges and universities with fully automated external defibrillators [AED’s] and through training of teaching staff, nurses and others in the use of AED’s, they are proven to give anyone in sudden cardiac arrest [SCA] an increased chance of survival outcome. AED’s that can be used on adults through to paediatrics is key as most education facilities have adults and children present.

Make your School, College or University "HeartSave" we recommend the fully automatic external defibrillator HeartSave AS its part of a special pricing pack we offer to Schools, Colleges and us for details.

Sudden cardiac arrest, can affect anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Ventricular fibrillation [VF] can be the cause of sudden cardiac death in early life or even occur without warning at any time. Not enough is known about some of the scientific reasons behind it. Initial care of the patient includes cardiopulmonary  resuscitation [CPR]. However, this alone will not stop ventricular fibrillation. 
Ventricular fibrillation can only be effectively stopped by prompt defibrillation in other words, a current controlled defibrillation impulse from an automated external defibrillator [AED].

Fast action, saves lives!

In conjunction with immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation, there is only one way of
stopping ventricular fibrillation and ensuring the patients survival: prompt defibrillation.
It has been proven that a patient’s chance of survival falls by 10% - 12% per minute.

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