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Workplace drug & alcohol tests

Alcohol and drugs abuse in the workplace is a growing problem that disrupts teamwork, reduces productivity, damages customer relationships and, ultimately, shrinks profits. Perhaps most importantly, it poses a real risk to the health and safety of fellow workers, and to the individuals responsible.
MEDACX offers a complete product range of on-site Drug of Abuse tes products; Urine and Saliva  POCT tests, plus assocaited support laboatroy services for pre-employment, random and ‘for cause’ workplace screening, with expert interpretation and the ability to find and associate other important factors to substantiate positive results. Laboratory standards are extremely high and systems, procedures and workplace screening kits comply with UK Guidelines for legally defensible workplace drug testing.
MEDACX has a considerable track record in the provision of drug and alcohol testing products and services to many different industries using expert toxicological expertise to interpret results and the latest analytical and product technology to detect the presence of illegal and prescribed drugs. We are able to apply a wealth of scientific techniques, skills and expertise to help organisations drive drugs and alcohol from the workplace.
We understand the regulatory requirements relating to industry sectors (Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Transport & Works Act 1992, The Railway & Safety Standards Board Group Standard GE/RT 8070, Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003, Road Traffic Act 1988, Corporate Manslaughter Act 2008, Misuse of Drugs Act 1971)
MEDACX can help you develop workplace policies that are thorough, practical and acceptable to your workforce whilst ensuring that the approach aligns with your management processes

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