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Stephan Ventilators UK

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MEDACX Limited as the United Kingdom technical & sales support partner for Fritz Stephan GmbH products; has as of 1st September 2020 assumed additional responsibility for the Stephanie and Sophie Patient Ventilators. MEDACX has been supporting UK customers since 2016 for the Stephan products EVE,  EVA Patient ventilators, FS02 Oxygen systems, Accessories and Consumables including Neonatal EasyFlow. The addition of Sophie &...

EMMA Waveform Capnograph

Importance of Waveform Capnography

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The importance of waveform capnography on intubated patients

MEDACX is a key advocate of the ‘importance of Capnography’. First introducing the EMMA Capnometer in 2005.  Following on from the ‘huge success’ of the EMMA Capnometer and building on over 8 years of proven application experience in the United Kingdom, in 2014 the EMMA Waveform Capnograph a ‘second generation technology’ was...

EVE Ventilators

Advances in Transport Ventilation for Babies & Children

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MEDACX is excited to announce the release of EVE Neonatal/Infant Intensive Care transport/transfer ventilator. Safe ventilation for pre-term neonates to infants from 0.5 kg to 10 kg and  Children upto 60 kg with both invasive and non-invasive state-of-the art ventilation technology designed specifically for Neonate, Infant, Child patients. With our FAST safe start ventilation at the touch of a button. EVE-NEO has leading edge turbine technology, its a high...

When every breath counts - EVE Safe-Start Ventilation

When every breath counts - EVE Safe-Start Ventilation

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When every breath counts....EVE Intensive Care Safe-Start Ventilation

In an emergency every seconds counts, therefore a critical care transport/transfer ventilator needs to be immediately ready for use with Ventilation at the push of a button!
In developing EVE-IN priority was given to immediate operational readiness and EVE-IN with its dedicated 'fast track safe...