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Advances in technology for Border Security & Counter Terrorism

Advances in technology for Border Security & Counter Terrorism

In todays world with heightened security and threats from terrorist attacks and extremist factions to drug dealers and traffickers, there is a need to deploy portable low cost technology that supports much wider use, aides detection and helps strengthen UK Border Security & Counter Terrorism measures.

The launch of the XCAT detection system will help support the UK's counter terrorism teams, police, law enforcement, government, customs/border control, prisons, military, forensics experts, commercial and private security companies with a truly portable, reliable and versatile security solution.

XCAT® provides a rapid, secure and uncomplicated accurate detection method for narcotics substances and surface detection of {illegal drugs of abuse}, gunshot residue detection and explosives detection.

XCAT® Cost Effective handheld technology is already in use and providing increased safety through rapid and reliable sampling of suspicious drugs and other substances on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces.

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