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Breathalyzers in use at Sports Stadiums

Breathalyzers for Football Grounds, Sporting Events/Concerts

Breathalyzers in use at Sports Stadiums

MEDACX is a supplier of professional ' home office type approved' breathalysers to HM Police and the AlcoQuant 6020 range have been in use in the United Kingdom for over 8 years. The technology used in our ranges is 'electrochemical' the same measuring cell as used within the UK Police devices.

 The MEDACX range of breathalysers are in used by: HM Police, HM Prisons, HM Probation, Alcohol Screening, Rehabilitation centres, Sports facilities, Events/Concerts, workplace organisations and by personal users.

Our AlcoTrue B is designed for personal/commerical/event use; it is low cost, but importantly uses an accurate 'electrochemical' measuring cell.  Breathalyzers can help with health and safety compliance and help ensure public safety.

If you need a 'low cost' BUT accurate Breathalyzer then look no further and contact MEDACX we are a company that is experienced and is an accredited supplier to the UK's Police. We have breathalyzers to meet your needs and cost.

Contact: MEDACX on 02392 469737 or email us on