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MOD & NATO approval for EMMA capnometer

EMMA™ Capnometer gains MOD and UK NATO approval

MEDACX is an approved supplier to HM Armed forces medical. EMMA™ has just recently been assigned its own UK NATO stock numbers (NSN's) and is currently being supplied to armed forces medical emergency teams MERT's throughout the world. EMMA™ has been evaluated by millitary medical officers and has successfully been used in the field of operations, including on helicopters. EMMA™ provides a truly valuable partner ensuring proper and correct airway management and patient care in critical pre-hospital emergency situations. With battery power, no cables or messy tubing, EMMA™ is the right choice for emergency use.

EMMA™ Capnometer is a truly portable Emergency Capnometer designed for "frontline emergency" medical use. Infrared measuring technology ensures high levels of accuracy and as a mainstream device provides instant measurements as no warm up time is needed. EMMA™ provides ETC02 measurements (breath by breath) and Respiratory Rate measurements.

For more details about how to get EMMA™ or for the contact us on 02392 469737