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NEW Breathalyser Interlock Technology designed for fleet vehicles gets CENELEC approval

The Breathalyser Interlock Technology designed for fleet vehicles and organisations to improve vehicle safety was given European CENELEC approval and certificate of use on motor vehicles.

MEDACX has today announced the launch of its professional range of 'In Vehicle' Breathalyser Interlock Technology, this brings new levels of safety and security for fleet vehicle management. The technology is based around the proven AlcoTrueC professional breathalyser with its advanced microprosessor based sampling and measuring system and electrochemical sensor for the highest levels of accuracy. Technology as used and approved by Police.

The in vehicle kit is simple to install and communicates  via wireless (bluetooth) to the AlcoTrue C breathlyser device. The technology is ideal for all organisations where managment of vehicle safety is paramount, plus the system includes a TripLog which provides full trip information.

For more details please contact MEDACX on: 02392 469737