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Transport Ventilators

EVE Transport Ventilator

MEDACX launched the STEPHAN EVE range of transport ventilators.

The EVE range of transport ventilators, transforms portable ventilation bringing portability but with the performance of a full feature ICU ventilator. It offers FULL patient use from Neonates through to Adults. Its feature rich design with an 8.4 inch Colour Touch screen, advanced invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes and additional measurements including pulse oximetry' and 'waveform capnography' an important pre-requisite meeting the recent European Resuscitation [ERC] 2015 ALS guidelines. The EVE brings versatility and functionality that make it the right choice for hospital intensive care, emergency wards, resuscitation, ambulance teams and patient transfer use.

For more information please contact us: 02392 469737