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When every breath counts - EVE Safe-Start Ventilation

When every breath counts - EVE Safe-Start Ventilation

When every breath counts....EVE Intensive Care Safe-Start Ventilation

In an emergency every seconds counts, therefore a critical care transport/transfer ventilator needs to be immediately ready for use with Ventilation at the push of a button!
In developing EVE-IN priority was given to immediate operational readiness and EVE-IN with its dedicated 'fast track safe-start control buttons' for ADULTS, CHILDREN and NEONATES when every second counts EVE-IN ensures rapid deployment for all patient types without compromise with the push of only one button to deliver safe ventilation.

State-of-the-art Ventilation and Sensor Technology

EVE-IN  with its class leading inbuilt turbine technology and 21-100% electronic 02 mixing with its cystal clear 8.4 inch colour touch screen, intuitive controls and with both invasive and non-invasive ventilation brings ICU ventilation modes for emergency and intensive care allowing optimal patient treatment regardless of body weight. Ventilation from pre-term neonates patient weights 0.5kg [Vt:2ml] through to adults 200kg+ [Vt:2000ml]. Optimised power with 6 hour battery life, 'Hot swap battery packs' and click and connect charging via hospital docking station. EVE-IN has the benefit of Waveform Capnography EtC02 included as a standard feature and ensures full compliance to the new ERC/UK Resuscitation ALS guidelines and to AAGBI and NAP4 guidelines on use of waveform capnography on intubated patients. 

Immediately ready for use - Intelligent Critical Care Ventilation for hospital transfers/transport

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