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New Breathalyzer sets new standards!

brian Breathalyzer

New Breathalyzer sets new standards!
AlcoQuant 6020 Plus is the most advanced breathalyzer with a host of features and accessories; from printer to data retrieval software. Its Home Office type approved technology and the 6020 is used by HM UK Police forces. The AlcoQuant 6020 Plus brings even greater performance and ease of use.

For more information please contact...

EMMA Emergency Capnography at the London Olympics!

brian Capnography

EMMA Emergency Capnography is selected for use at the London Olympics!
The worlds smallest yet most versatile emergency capnometer, EMMA is supporting the medical emergency teams at the London 2012 Olympics. 

EMMA is the first choice for emergency use, its rapid deployment, simplicity of use, and breath by breath measurement of EtC02 and Respiratory rate, make it the ideal partner for both intubated and non-intubated...

New Veterinary Vet-EtC02/Sp02 Monitors

brian Veterinary

MEDACX has launched the NEW CapnoTrue VET-AMP & Vet-Sp02 sensor an optimally designed Tongue Clip. The Vet sensors are designed to work with the CapnoTrue Vet Monitor for moninitoring EtC02 and Oxygen saturation.

For more information on the Veterinary Monitor CapnoTrue VET-AMP & Vet-Sp02 sensors please contact us on: 02392 469737

MOD & NATO approval for EMMA capnometer

brian Capnography

EMMA™ Capnometer gains MOD and UK NATO approval

MEDACX is an approved supplier to HM Armed forces medical. EMMA™ has just recently been assigned its own UK NATO stock numbers (NSN's) and is currently being supplied to armed forces medical emergency teams MERT's throughout the world. EMMA™ has been evaluated by millitary medical officers and has successfully been used in the field...