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CapnoTrue® AMP: EtC02+Sp02

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Truly portable capnography handheld waveform capnograph and pulse oximeter combined in a single handheld portable monitor. It is application proven and has class leading reliablity. Measuring End-tidal C02 [EtC02], Inspired C02 [FiC02], Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation [Sp02], Pulse Rate with numerical, capnogram, plethysmogram and trending displays.

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Key Features

Capnography & Pulse Oximetry
EtC02 waveform display
Sp02 Plethysmogram display
Mainstream C02
EtC02, FiC02, Sp02, Respiratory & Pulse Rate
Application ranges from Neonates to Adults
Wide range of SpO2-Sensors and accessories
Maintenance and calibration free technology
Warm up time <10 seconds
Intuitive and easy to use interface
Bright, high resolution colour display
Meets all relevant ISO/EN/DIN/CE Standards
6 hours battery operation for transport use
Long term trending [400 hrs] capability
Short term trending [15min /1hr/ 6hrs]
Requires either: Adult or Infant Airway Adapter
Compact <400grams [150mm x 75mm x 35mm]

Product Information

CapnoTrue® AMP [Mainstream] Capnography with Pulse Oximetry

Truly portable capnography handheld waveform capnograph and pulse oximeter combined in a single handheld portable monitor. It is  application proven and has class leading reliablity. Measuring End-tidal C02 [EtC02], Inspired C02 [FiC02], Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation [Sp02], Pulse Rate with numerical, capnogram, plethysmogram and trending displays.

CapnoTrue® AMP provides the ideal partner for efficacy of tube placement, monitoring of patient airway during transfer intra hospital. Plus can also be used in non-intubated applications used on a two way face mask during CPR or following patient shock to establish patient respiratory condition, early indicator of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC), effectiveness of cardiac compressions during CPR, and allows rapid assessment of hypoventilation or hyperventilation situations. Truly portable, battery powered and uses proven NDIR Infrared Technology.

Currently we supply capnography devices; CapnoTrue® to NHS Hospitals, ITU, A&E, Resuscitation, ICU, NICU & PACU as well as being the chosen partner for the majority of pre-hospital ambulance organisations.

For more details and pricing please contact us: Telephone +44 (0)2392 469737

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