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SpiroTrue A - Flow Sensor

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Anemometric Pressure Flowsensor for measuring volume flows in the field of anaesthetics/ventilation of Dräger technolog.

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Key Features

Compatible with Dräger Spirologsensor 84 03 735
Supplied in boxes of 5 sensors

Product Information

SpiroTrue A - Flowsensor based on Constant Temperature Hot wire Anemometric principle for use in ICU/ITU and anaesthesia ventilators

Compatible with Dräger Spirologsensor 84 03 735

Specifically manufactured and designed to work in the following applications: Spirolog, Anemone, PM8030, PM8035, PM8050, PM8060, AV1, Eva, Cicero, Cato, Julian and Evita range.

Supplied as:  Box of 5 pieces: 5 x individually wrapped flowsensors per box.

For more details and pricing please contact us: Telephone +44 (0)2392 469737

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