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AlcoQuant 6020W Breathalyser

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AlcoQuant® 6020 is a truly portable, handheld breathalyser. For the user it offers a simple and easy to use device with accurate testing. It's Home Office approved technology and as used by UK Police, Prisons and Probation services!

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Key Features

Home Office type approved
Used by UK Police & Prisons
Electrochemical fuel cell technology
Accurate to +/-2.5 µg/100 mL abs
Range 0 to 250 µg/100 mL
Active & Passive modes
Data storage: 9,999 test records
Protection class: IP54
Battery powered: 4 x AA LR6 Alkaline batteries
Standards: DIN EN 15964; CE Marked
Data manger Software - option

Product Information

Its 'HOME OFFICE TYPE APPROVED' technology and as used by UK Police, Prisons and Probation services!

AlcoQuant 6020 has a passive measuring mode which allows users to test unconscious persons detecting alcohol in the expired breath and or in drinks. AlcoQuant's conventional active measuring mode enables testing to determine accurately the persons specific level of BrAC alcohol. It can store in memory 9,999 measurement records and these can be download using the optional Datamanger software to enable test record management and analysis.

AlcoQuant 6020 is specially designed for use within: 


Optional accessories: Printer; Datamanger Software (test records), Interface cable; Mouthpieces

​If you are HM Police, HM Prisons or HM Probation Services please contact us for details of the Home Office Approved Breathyser devices & accessories.

For more details and pricing please contact us: Telephone +44 (0)2392 469737

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