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Breathalysers & alcolock systems

Breathalyzers: MEDACX is a leading provider of professional breathalysers. The Breath Alcohol testing technology from MEDACX is also Home Office Type approved and is used by UK Police, HM Prisons, Probation services, Drug & Rehabilitation clinics and workplace testing organisations as well as businesses for health and safety compliance.

MEDACX is also a leading provider of 'Alcohol Lock' technology systems and the AlcoTrue AL Vehicle Interlock System is designed for individuals and larger fleet operators. The system provides company's and individuals with full management, vehicle route (mapping), compliance breath tests for vehicle and safety and management information about vehicle use. The system fully supports business goverance and health and safety at work compliance.

its technology you can trust

For HM Police, HM Prisons and HM Probation Services; please contact MEDACX for details of the Home Office Approved devices and accessories.

​MEDACX is the approved supply partner for HM Prisons & Probation Services The Ministry of Justice awarded in 2017 supply contract to MEDACX 

​MEDACX has been supplying Road Screening Breathalysers to HM Police Forces in the United Kingdom since 2007

​For HM Police, HM Prisons anD HM Probation services call: 02392 469737