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Waveform Capnography

Our Waveform Capnography range provides compliance and meets AAGBI, NAP4 and ERC/UK ALS guidelines for use of waveform capnography in the United Kingdom.

Currently we supply our range of capnography; to NHS Hospitals, ITU, A&E, Resuscitation, ICU, NICU & PACU as well as being the chosen partner for the majority of pre-hospital ambulance organisations.

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when every breath counts

Capnography is the monitoring of the concentration of end tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) in the respiratory gases. The most accurate measurement technology is Non Dispersive Infrared [NDIR], portable capnography devices are used as a monitoring tool during anaesthesia, intensive care, emergency use for efficacy of tube placement during intubation and for patient transfer inter/intra hospital and emergency ambulance retreival, and for use non-intubated patients for airway and respiratory lung function assessment using two way face mask plus a valuable tool for monitoring Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD]. Measurements are usually presented as a numerical value, bar graph or capnograph of expiratory EtCO2 plotted against time, or more usefully, expired volume. The displays may also show the inspired FiCO2, which is of interest when rebreathing systems are being used.

Portable handheld NDIR devices provide measurements of End-tidal C02 [EtC02] and Respiratory rate normally known as a capnometer, as standard or End-tidal C02 [EtC02] and Respiratory rate combined with Inspired C02 [FiC02] and Oxygen Saturation [Sp02] and Pulse Rate with numerical, capnogram, plethysmogram and trending displays in a single handheld portable monitor.