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Hospitals/Clinics/General Medical

MEDACX is a leading supplier of advanced portable monitors, defibrillators and sensors to NHS Hospitals, NHS Ambulances, Clinics, BASICS teams, GP's and Workplace medical.

With class leading technology,  the MEDACX range includes; EMMA Capnometers, EMMA Capnographs, Capnotrue EtC02, Pulse Oximeters, SP02 sensors, Flow Sensors, Temperature sensors and a full Defibrillator range from basic 'public area' to professional AED's for Resucitation, Ambulance or First Responder.

MEDACX has extensive application experience and can answer any technical questions and can also provide technical support and training services if required.

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For more details and pricing please contact us: Telephone +44 (0)2392 469737