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EVE-nEO Neonatal/Infant Transport Ventilator

The perfect partner for Neontal and Infant Pre-Hospital Transport or Intra Hospital Transfers.

EVE-nEO made in Germany by world leading ventilator manufacturer Fritz Stephan GmbH and supported throughout the UK. Used in Road Ambulance, Air Ambulance and throughout the Hospital NICU and or PICU. With 8 hours continuous use batttery, inbuilt air turbine EVE-nEO is truly independant of compressed air cylinders and mains power. Weighing in at under 6kg EVE-nEO is truly Hand Portable. EVE-nEO is being used in the UK today replacing older non-compliant mechanical ventilators. EVE-nEO deivers Intensive Care performance to NICU & PICU transport/transfer; it has an aray of Patient Ventialtion  modes from Invasive, CPAP and NIV nCPAP and High Flow Oxygen Therapy 2 to 60LPM.  Electronic Oxygen mixing 21%to 100% from 02 bottle or pendant input.

With Patient ventilation tidal volume range of 2ml thru to 250ml.....pre-term neonates to children.

EVE-nEO advanced technology for the little patients...