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New MEDACX website launched

brian Medical

MEDACX has launched its new website. The new website brings new products and technologies as well as providing more technical information and a helpful product enquiry form to aid feedback and product information processes.

Contact MEDACX on: 02392 469737 for further information

MEDACX launches the NEW waveform EMMA Capnograph

brian Emergency Services

MEDACX launches the NEW waveform EMMA Capnograph

EMMA® Emergency Capnograph uses the proven and reliable IRMA (NDIR infrared) mainstream technology and is designed using the latest advances in component and microprocessor technology to provide a self-contained, fully quantitative capnograph with waveform display and with unique versatility and design.

EMMA Capnograph ensures rapid deployment and...

NEW Breathalyser Interlock Technology designed for fleet vehicles gets CENELEC approval

brian Alcohol Lock Technology

The Breathalyser Interlock Technology designed for fleet vehicles and organisations to improve vehicle safety was given European CENELEC approval and certificate of use on motor vehicles.

MEDACX has today announced the launch of its professional range of 'In Vehicle' Breathalyser Interlock Technology, this brings new levels of safety and security for fleet vehicle management. The...

MEDACX launches the VersaStream gas sampling lines

brian Gas Sampling Lines

MEDACX launches the VersaStream gas sampling lines

VersaStream® gas sampling lines combine reliability, flexibility and cost efficiency. The Integrated bacteria filter within the VersaStream gas sampling lines prevent contamination of gas conducting components in and at the patient monitor. Transmission of germs, e.g. by contamination at the sample gas connection port of the monitor or at the water...