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nCPAP EasyFlow Neonatal Ventilation System

nCPAP EasyFlow designed for the little patients

EasyFlow nCPAP perfect fit and gentle application

When it comes to optimal NIV ventilation of premature & new-borns, it is essential to have advanced neonatal ventilation technology that meets the specific requirements of neonatology. Likewise, the patient accessories must be adaptable, fit snugly and be easy to use.

Fritz Stephan GmbH developed the new NIV EasyFlow nCPAP system specifically for Neonates.

The importance of patient breathing accessories for neonates is they must be designed for patients’ size and changing growth throughout use. With EasyFlow you can adapt optimally to the anatomy of premature and new-born babies. Perfect fitting prongs and masks are essential for gentle, non-invasive ventilation. The EasyFlow system is easy to use and integrates perfectly with Fritz Stephan, EVE-nEO, SOPHIE and STEPHANIE neonatal ventilation systems.

  • Available in various different sizes: nasal prongs, masks and headbands
  • Adjustable length and/or height: prong and mask via magnet and headbands
  • Easy to use: self-adhesive forehead pads requiring no additional fixation and can be applied immediately after birth using Velcro fasteners and fixing straps

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