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MEDACX is a leading provider of; Breathalyser and  'Alcohol Lock' technology systems for individuals, taxi companies, organisations and larger fleet operations.

The AlcoTrue AL Vehicle Interlock System is designed for individuals and larger fleet operators. The system provides company's and individuals with full management, vehicle route (mapping), trip-log, compliance breath tests for vehicle and safety and management information about vehicle use. The system fully supports business goverance and health and safety at work compliance.  

CENELEC European approval and certificate for use on motor vehicles

AlcoTrue AL is an advanced technology which provides individuals and fleet operators and management with the tools for:

  • Improving health & safety
    Professional breath alcohol ignition interlock system helping to prevent drivers driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. 
  • Reducing risk
    Review and management of the driver and trip information records to help ensure compliance to company, fleet safety & operational guidelines
  • Controls & Analysis
    TripLog functionality provides automatic electronic trip records, driver distance, number of stops/rest and breath test data
For more details and pricing please contact us: Telephone +44 (0)2392 469737