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FS Oxygen Supply Systems

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Stephan's FS Oxygen Supply Systems provide a portable and transportable MODULAR solution for all oxygen requirements.

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FS02 Portable/Transportable MODULAR solutions

Fritz Stephan GmbH has manufactured Oxygen Supply Systems for medical use for over two decades. The use of patented cutting-edge multi-modular technology offers maximum supply security whilst reducing running and maintenance cost. This tried and trusted technology is currently in operation with healthcare facilities, emergency and disaster relief organisations and military/defence forces through out the world. Contact references are available on request.
Secure - No supply chain riskThe FS OSS concentrators secure oxygen supply for medical use through on-site production. Multi-modular technology permits complete demand driven supply, saving money through reduction of service requirements, increase in economic life expectancy and a reduction in power usage. Oxygen is available in the required amounts, as and when

Reliable - Oxygen when needed

FS OSS multi-modular technology delivers the greatest possible reliability of systems operation through proven, robust, tried and tested solutions. Oxygen is made available in the required amounts as and when needed. Automatic alternating platform operation makes part systems servicing during continued operation possible and therefore eliminates
down-time required with conventional PSA systems.

Autonomous - Eliminates logistic danger/effortThe FS OSS on-site oxygen concentration permits complete independence from an external gas supply thus eliminating all supply chain risk. Problems of recurrent supply chain organisation, the physical movement of challenging heavy cylinders and dangers of cryogenic storage. Complete independence of external gas supply sources ends the ever increasing financial and environmental cost of haulage.

Flexible/Modular - Space SavingThe rack and platform structure make the FS OSS adaptable to client capacity requirements and available space. The integration of increased system capacity at a later date is possible. Mobile and portable “Plug and Play” FS OSS and other customised supply solutions are available.

Economic - Increased supply/security/reduce costsMultiple redundancy of all FS OSS permits unique differentiated system operation. Maximum supply security and therefore patient safety is accomplished whilst reducing power consumption and maintenance requirements thus ultimately increasing the economic service life of the complete systems.

For more details and pricing please contact us: Telephone +44 (0)2392 469737

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