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Advances in technology for Border Security & Counter Terrorism

brian Explosives Detection

Advances in technology for Border Security & Counter Terrorism

In todays world with heightened security and threats from terrorist attacks and extremist factions to drug dealers and traffickers, there is a need to deploy portable low cost technology that supports much wider use, aides detection and helps strengthen UK Border Security & Counter Terrorism measures.

The launch of the XCAT detection system will help support the UK's counter terrorism teams,...

EVE Ventilators

Advances in Transport Ventilation for Babies & Children

brian Transport Ventilators

MEDACX is excited to announce the release of EVE Neonatal/Infant Intensive Care transport/transfer ventilator. Safe ventilation for pre-term neonates to infants from 0.5 kg to 10 kg and  Children upto 60 kg with both invasive and non-invasive state-of-the art ventilation technology designed specifically for Neonate, Infant, Child patients. With our FAST safe start ventilation at the touch of a button. EVE-NEO has leading edge turbine technology, its a high...

LiteAire Portable MDI Chamber

Revolutionary MDI Holding Chamber innovation

brian Airway Management


The dual-valved LiteAire® MDI holding Chamber: collapsible, disposable paperboard design.

The LiteAire® collapsible MDI holding chamber is a unique MDI holding chamber and an innovative alternative. LiteAire’s unique dual-valved MDI holding chamber design delivers pop-up convenience and effective drug output at a fraction of the cost of most plastic...

When every breath counts - EVE Safe-Start Ventilation

When every breath counts - EVE Safe-Start Ventilation

brian Transport Ventilators

When every breath counts....EVE Intensive Care Safe-Start Ventilation

In an emergency every seconds counts, therefore a critical care transport/transfer ventilator needs to be immediately ready for use with Ventilation at the push of a button!
In developing EVE-IN priority was given to immediate operational readiness and EVE-IN with its dedicated 'fast track safe...