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Breathalyzers for Football Grounds, Sporting Events/Concerts

Breathalyzers in use at Sports Stadiums

brian Breathalyzer

Breathalyzers in use at Sports Stadiums

MEDACX is a supplier of professional ' home office type approved' breathalysers to HM Police and the AlcoQuant 6020 range have been in use in the United Kingdom for over 8 years. The technology used in our ranges is 'electrochemical' the same measuring cell as used within the UK Police devices.

 The MEDACX range of breathalysers...

EMMA End tidal C02 Capnograph

MEDACX awarded NHS Ambulance supply contract

brian Capnography

MEDACX awarded NHS Ambulance supply contract

MEDACX has been awarded a supply contract by West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust [WMAS] for supply of 450 End Tidal C02 Capnography devices and operational consumables, to equip all the front line ambulance and emergency vehicles.

For more information: Please contact MEDACX on 02392 469737

MEDACX sponsors College of Paramedics


MEDACX in conjunction with The College of Paramedics is sponsoring TWO Cardiac Focused Interactive Case Studies At the Emergency Services Show 2014 NEC Birmingham

Wednesday 24th September
Location: Concourse 20

FREE SEMINARS for College of Paramedic members

CS1 - Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) Syndrome
10:30 hrs to 11:45 hrs

CS2 - Pericarditis
14:30 hrs to 15:45 hrs

These case studies are Supported by the College of...


brian Capnography

MEDACX and its range of truly portable Emergency Capnography EMMA Capnograph, EMMA Capnometer and CapnoTrue monitors have become the 'GOLD' standard in the United Kingdom. They are used by the majority of NHS Ambulance Trusts, Air Ambulance Organisations, NHS Hopsitals and Private Medical Organisations.

They provide a portable and reliable measurement...