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Portable Waveform Capnography for Emergency teams

Portable Waveform Capnography for Emergency teams

EMMA Capnograph is the perfect partner for Emergency teams. With the recent changes to the European Resuscitation [ERC] 2015 ALS guidelines, there is now a pre-requisite for use of waveform capnography.

What does EMMA Capnograph bring your teams?

  • EtCO2 and Respiratory Rate measured values 'breath by breath'
  • EtCO2 waveform display
  • Portable, 60 grams, battery powered 8 hours continuous use
  • For use on BOTH intubated and non-intubated patients

EMMA Capnograph with EtCO2, Respiratory Rate and waveform display will provide...

  • Feedback of early signs of ROSC
  • Proof of efficacy of intubation
  • Feedback of CPR; effectiveness of chest compressions
  • Early indication of of Hypercapnia or Hypocapnia
  • Effective patient transfer monitoring
  • Non intubated use; Patient airway/respiratory assessment/COPD/outreach teams

With many thousands of EMMA Capnography devices installed in the UK its the right choice for every grab bag!

please contact us to find out how we can help support your operational team: 02392 469737