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Calibration Services

MEDACX provides calibration services for its Breathalyser product range. We manage the calibration with our customers from day one, thus ensuring you always have a fully compliant calibrated device.

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Why calibrate breathysers?

All Breathalysers require checking to ensure that the calibration is always at its optimum level. This is done using either a wet bath or dry gas and the devices can be calibrated to ensure that accuracy can be guaranteed for the period of use between calibrations. MEDACX also utilises the ISO17025 services of a UKAS accredited calibration service partner.

Are all breathalysers the same why such a difference in price?

Low cost Breathalysers employ inferior measurement technology such as inferior fuel cells or semi-conductor based technology both of which have been proven not to have the accuracy or repeatiblity to pass the Home Office standards for Road side breathalyser accuracy and reliablity; and are NOT found in use in any demainding appliaction such as Police, Prisons and Workplace compliance testing. Because where you need to make decisons about a persons livelehood or wellbeing you cannot afford to inaccuracies!  The saying 'you get what you pay for' is so very true when it comes to breathalysers. So buyers should be aware that, NOT ALL breathalysers are the same!

Why use an approved and accredited Breathalyser?

Professional breathalysers such as those provided by MEDACX; the AlcoQuant and AlcoTrue ranges are fully acredited and the AcoQuant 6020 is Home Office Type Approved and in use by UK Police. They are truly professional devices with the accuracy, repeatability, quality and reliability that is expected and validated to meet the United Kingdom Home Office standards.