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CapnoTrue VET

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Advanced and reliable vetinerary capnometer and pulse oximeter combined in a single handheld portable monitor. Measuring End-tidal C02 [EtC02], Inspired C02 [FiC02], Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation [Sp02], Pulse Rate with numerical, capnogram, plethysmogram and trending displays.

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Key Features

Capnography & Pulse Oximetry
Tongue clip & Y SpO2-Sensors
Choice of: Sidestream or Mainstream C02
EtC02, FiC02, Sp02, Respiratory & Pulse Rate
Warm up time <10 seconds
Maintenance and calibration free technology
Meets all relevant ISO/EN/DIN/CE Standards
Intuitive and easy to use interface
Bright, high resolution colour display
6 hours battery operation for transport use
Short term trending [15min /1hr/ 6hrs]
Long term trending [400 hrs] capability
Compact <400grams [150mm x 75mm x 35mm]

Product Information

Mainstream C02/Sp02

Advanced and reliable vetinerary capnometer and pulse oximeter combined in a single handheld portable monitor. Measuring End-tidal C02 [EtC02], Inspired C02 [FiC02], Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation [Sp02], Pulse Rate with numerical, capnogram, plethysmogram and trending displays.

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